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Erämantsi GP was established on 1 September 1999. At first our activities mainly consisted of hunting and fishing, but by and by, other activities have been added to our repertoire. Today both catering and food services play a very important role in our activities; almost all of them include food services in one way or another. To make an order or request for offer, please fill the form found on the Request for offer -page. See photos of Heikki Lyhykäinen For more photos, see Erämantsi photo gallery.

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Erämantsi GP is providing its services in the beautiful nature of the municipality of Ilomantsi, situated in North Karelia, Finland.

Heikki Lyhykäinen
Tel: +358(0)50 3430 155

Erämantsi GP
Kalevalantie 52
82900 Ilomantsi


Erämantsi mainly uses the hunting grounds of nature adventure tour operator Wild North. There's plenty of space; 38 000 hectares to be exact. We can arrange the needed hunting permits for you. The Wild North's huts are available for Erämantsi's hunting trips. If you wish, we can make you an offer that includes the complete package: hunting, catering, accommodation and transport. Ilomantsi is known for its small game. The wood grouse is no rare sight here. In the autumn, flocks of black grouse attract even the sleepiest fowlers on a hunt in the early hours of the morning. Rabbit hunting in a jovial company is a true pleasure. Today even the brown hare lives here in Ilomantsi, although it has become so urbanized that you can mostly find it only near the villages. Beaver hunting in the spring, just before the melting of snow and ice, is a challenging and sometimes time-consuming sport. Due to soggy snow, the hunt takes patience and physical endurance too, but what great fun it is! For more pictures, see our hunting photo gallery.


Be it winter or summer, you can always fish in our company. In the summer we'll take you seine-fishing with us, and in the winter it's net fishing time. You can be part of our fishing team yourself, if you like. If you're looking for something more exotic, we can also try drum nets, longlines, hooks or torch fishing... We also organize contests in ice fishing, angling and spin-fishing... Evening entertainment after a fishing trip will be the perfect ending for your day. Best fishers in a competition will be awarded here. As for food, flamed salmon is a popular dish. For more pictures, see our photo gallery.


We use the so-called Indian canoes. We also hire canoes for longer use. We'll take care of your safety and other canoeing training and guidance, and if needed, we can also lead your canoeing trip and take care of transportation of canoes and catering.


Trips to Russia
Russia is an exciting country to visit, there really is no equal. We'll arrange your journey according to your wishes. You should book your trip to Russia well in advance however, since preparations will take time, especially if your visit includes visiting your family's pre-war home district, for an example. However, trips to Sortavala, Värtsilä and Suojärvi will require no longer preparation time than usual. We'll have a chance to familiarize ourselves with Russian people and Russian cuisine. For more pictures, see our photo gallery.

For companies

We arrange company meetings, recreation services, competitions etcetera in accordance with your wishes and contract.


We organize catering for birthdays, wedding parties, meetings of genealogical societies, funerals and so on. We can provide catering at your desired location, or alternatively, we can arrange a suitable location for you. Outdoor catering can be arranged, if the weather allows it. (We'll always have a Plan B prepared.) Menus according to your wishes. A small program can be arranged in outdoor, fishing and hunting activities. See our photo gallery for more catering pictures

War history

Ilomantsi was the backdrop for historic battles between Finland and the Soviet Union during the Second World War. Our expert guides will recount the battles at authentic locations in a factual and truthful fashion. We will also be serving our customers an army meal: pea soup with crispbread & coffee with biscuit or bagel! Our employees will also be wearing 1936 army uniforms for the occasion. A wood-heated, lakeside sauna is also available for use. Meals at the camping center, if not mentioned otherwise. For outdoor meals, you should bring along your own cutlery.


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